Bunny and the Magic Hat

About the show

In a backstage dressing room, after a successful show, the magician lays down his black top-hat, hangs up his lustrous cloak, and exits his quarters. Suddenly, a hungry Bunny pops out of the hat. Realising he is alone, Bunny attempts to make the ever elusive carrot appear, using the magicians wand.

Unfortunately for Bunny his magic all seems to go horribly wrong, as he finds himself being chased by a vicious tropical fish, a pair of mischievous magic balls, and a terrifying tentacle from a denizen of the deep. What will Bunny do? How will he save himself and, most importantly, will he ever manage to get his carrot?!

Directed by Jess Mias-Jones, performed by Andy Jones and Sivuyile Gaji, Bunny and the Magic Hat is an original, 30 minute puppet theatre piece designed for children and adults aged 3 and up. The characters are gender neutral, with no dialogue; making Bunny a great show appropriate for children and adults of all cultures and languages.

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SHRiNKray Puppets is a new and original theatre company based in Cape Town, which began in 2013. With over 20 years of experience between them, Andy Jones and Jessica Mias-Jones began SHRiNKray with the aim of creating puppet theatre that is engaging, entertaining, challenging and accessible for audiences of all ages. At SHRiNKray we believe that collaboration is key, and are always striving to make contact with individuals or organisations that would like to produce shows or use puppets as their key ingredient in new or existing work. It's a big, beautiful, crazy world out there; why not tell your story about it. Better still – tell it with puppets!